Our Projects

AI Pest Detection

One of the biggest challenges in Agriculture is the handling of pests. Early detection of pests on plants helps the farmer in conserving his or her resources, both in terms of time and money.

We at Rubixe AI Startup Incubation Chamber wanted to come with an AI-based solution with a minimalistic human intervention which will help any farmer in the early detection of pests.

The Team consisting of Nyrika, Saad, and Shikha took this challenge head-on and came up with a workable and scalable AI-based solution to handle this pesky pest problem in plants.

We are now proud to present to the world our model which does pest detection in plants. The AI model not only detects and alerts the farmer it also identifies the type of pest and density of pests. This we believe will help the farmers immensely plan his pest management system.

At the scale, we want to add a wider range of plants, including all types of greens, vegetables, and fruits. We envision that using this technology will have huge benefits for all our farmers across the globe