Our Projects

AI for Workforce Management

It is generally believed that to monitor 10 employees we need 1 manager. At scale especially in manufacturing industries, it becomes very challenging for organizations to monitor the efficiency of the workforce at any given point of time.

We at Rubixe AI Startup Incubation Chamber recognize this real-time issue which many organizations face all over the world and we wanted to come up with an AI-based solution that can tackle this challenge.

The Team consisting of Nyrika, Deena, Reidel, Alex, and Abhishek diligently worked on coming up with a state of the art solution for monitoring the workforce.

The main focus of the teams was to understand whether a particular employee is involved in productive or nonproductive tasks. By using Facial Recognition through computer vision now we are able to classify different types of tasks any employee might be doing

We are now working on ways to add more postures of the human body to our AI model which will, in turn, help the organization to understand the productivity of an employee or a group of employees.

At the scale, we can implement this technology in different organizations that have a high number of employees doing varied activities on the manufacturing floor, large warehouses, or even in administration offices.