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AI for Hiring

The biggest challenge recruiters face during hiring is getting the right candidate profiles for the job that they are hiring. The volume of people who apply for jobs is ever-increasing and getting quality candidates is becoming more complicated and very time-consuming.

We at Rubixe AI Startup Incubation Chamber recognize this real-time issue which many companies faced by companies all over the world wanted to come up with an AI-based solution that can tackle this challenge.

The team consisting of Ishan & Gareema took up this challenge head-on and have successfully worked on coming up with AI-based solutions for making hiring not only faster but with very high efficiency.

AI for Hiring is based on Machine Learning model which is trained with data of various organizations along with different performance and psychological parameters of employees. With this data, AI can analyze and predict top performers, this trained model can help the companies to narrow down their search for their next ideal candidate.

At scale, this proof of concept can be used and customized to businesses who have complex hiring metrics across industries.