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AI for Healthy Diet

The majority of the population has been always worried about the food intake and the direct impact it has on various aspects of our body like weight gain, weight loss. A balanced intake of the right type of food is not a luxury anymore; it has become a necessity with an increasing number of illnesses that are directly related to the type of food we consume.

We at Rubixe AI Startup Incubation Chamber wanted to come up with an AI-based solution which will help the user identify the nutritional content with just taking one picture of the food.

The Team consisting of Madhuri, Gareema, Shikha, Syed, and Ankur worked on this difficult task by taking various different approaches to ensure that we have a user-friendly application.

This innovative idea of getting the nutrition details which is just one picture on your mobile will immensely help any user to monitor his or her food intake.

We now have a working model that can classify 8 categories of food in different cuisines like Indian, Italian, and American. As we go ahead improving this application we want to add multiple different categories of food coming different parts of the world

At the scale, we believe that we can customize our application to suit any specific dietary requirements. This will include and is not restricted to people who have diabetes, kids who have special dietary requirements, etc. We see a wide range of applications for this innovative idea.